AO-AO Presents Giza Lagarce x Maxime Quoilin

I’m really proud to start this collab with the guys at AO-AO. We just started shooting models in NYC for these little short elegant videos. First on the list is the very cool Giza Lagarce that I shot on a friend’s boat with my crew. We used a Red Epic and a few Canon 1.2/1.4 lenses.


I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog lately. I’m doing a lot of corporate stuff I unfortunately cannot show yet. However I shot this event video about 2 weeks ago in NYC. It was a party at the incredible venue Capitale, featuring Matthew Dear, the Rapture, Jim-E Stack and more. We shot it on a Red Epic with a bunch of cinema lenses.


Last night I got to shoot LuckyMe’s very own TNGHT at the Williamsburg Hall in New York City. Kanye showed up too. Click on the images to get a larger version.

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Black New York

Yoyoyo, been a while since my last post. I got back to New York City about a month ago with a work visa (yay). I’ve been pretty busy with my job so far, and Sandy came into play a few days ago. It turned a big part of Lower Manhattan (where I live) into darkness, the blackout is supposed to be resolved for the weekend. It’s a pretty intense feeling to be walking around the city at night, where the cars are the only source of lighting around. I thought it was an interesting contrast to shoot some of the avenues from the lower part of Manhattan, and see the lights 30 blocks away. Click on the images to get a larger version.

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That’s what’s up

Yo! Been a while I haven’t posted here, thought I’d give a quick update. I came back from NYC a little less than a month ago, and am currently waiting for my (fingers crossed) work Visa to go back there. I haven’t had the time to get bored since then though. Worked my ass of for some clients, went to a few belgian music festivals, shot some, toured with a DJ and the amazing Ms Eave, including trips at Wanderlust Paris and Tomorrow Land. I also had an amazing time at my boys Folie Douce party next to a lake, in Spa. The party featured LuckyMe’s very own Eclair Fifi, she’s dope. Got a few video projects on the way too, can’t wait to release them. You can check a few pictures from the last month inside the post.

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